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Why Indian research is not going from lab to land

Author- Navneet Shukla


When you graduate from your university some of you willing to do research and continue your academic involvement for the betterment of your thought and academic skills. You start preparing your mind to think about the topic of your research or Ph.D., you become blank and think about your past academic experiences, field tours, practicals, assignments, project works, and dissertations. You find that if you did not set your goal to do research or Ph.D. earlier in your undergraduate or postgraduate then this task has become more typical to start thinking about your topics and if you were more aware of your goals and you have done lots of workshops, training and experiments then you may find yourself more complicated because you are now in the state of having multiple topics with the same interest and you don't want to leave any one of of them. So this is the dilemma for the students who are not attached to the real-world problems seen by naked eyes. This condition emerged because we were only explored ourselves in known and famous research areas. The actual source of this situation is when you start your first assignment with secondary data and you feel very comfortable copying and pasting from other available sources which were also copied from others and so on...

And now you are in hesitation to ask anonymous questions and Ideas about your topics with your professor, guide, and mentor, who was looking like an angry man who may do bombardment of all their anger brought from their home.

And you again started to find secondary sources and hints to decide your Ph.D. or research topics but not to go and ask the peoples who need solutions for their real-world problems and are waiting for such solutions for decades.

Actually, these are the serious concern and reasons for the declination of the lab to land ratio of research and their actual implementations.

  • You need to focus more on the practice of research ethics than reading it to pass entrance exams.

  • You need to ask more questions with your mentors without any hesitation.

  • You need to try doing your own work on your assignments whether it is of little or more impact.

Laboratory Experiment Using Flame Photometer

  • You need to focus more on research-based skills like literature review, data analysis, laboratory skills, and most important survey of real-world problems, if you discuss your problem more with industrialists and entrepreneurs then you may get yourself more clear about what you have to start doing and in what manner you spend your most critical time period which is your Ph.D. after which you may have no option to learn like a student..

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